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"The Best Wine Store in Ohio"

 ~ The Wall Street Journal

Shaker Square Beverages was founded in 1937, long before the United States was accustomed to drinking wine, and certainly when Cleveland was not familiar with the pleasures associated with the fruits of the vine. Shaker Square Beverages introduced wine to the sophisticated public in Cleveland in that pre-war area, and we are still introducing unique wines to our customers nearly 90 years later. Rather than wait for trends to develop in national publications, such as the Wine Spectator, or with a Robert Parker analysis, or even the Cleveland Plain Dealer, we are featuring those wines that offer great quality and value to our clients

For example, I have been touting the beauty of French Sancerre as a great alternative to flabby California Chardonnay. For red wines, everybody is selling merlot which is a fine softer styled wine... but at $40-$50 a bottle??? Try an Italian single vineyard Sangiovese or Valpolicella at a third of the price. I have decided, after years of musing over getting into the “electronic age,” to create a website with one purpose in mind... not so much as a selling tool but more as an educational medium. Within a few minutes I can contact one thousand customers about an upcoming wine tasting, or a special reduced pricing on wines, or to answer a question from our patrons about their wine cellar, or the current state of liquor laws in this state.

Feel free to call me or better yet, stop in, and come to our wine tastings.  Together we can move forward, less in analyzing this lovely beverage we know as wine, and more in its moderate enjoyment and its enhancing effect on our lives.


Gene Veronesi,

Gene Veronesi owner of Shaker Wines

About Shaker Wines

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