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      The Connoisseur Collection

  For  your very best business associates,     friends and of course, family members.

 This assortment includes champagne,   vintage red and white wines, and overflows   with imported cheeses, smoked salmon,   imported cookies, chocolates, and other   delicacies.

 The Connoisseur Collection will show that   you appreciate quality and reflects your   generosity.

 And we deliver through out Cuyahoga County.         


                 The Shaker Traditional Basket


       Our most popular assortment and

 includes all of the epicurean delights 

 that everyone enjoys.

  Our handmade wicker basket overflows                with two vintage wines, cheeses,  pate, chocolates, biscotti and a wine  preserver.

 The Shaker Traditional Collection is a pleasure


to give, and an even greater  pleasure to receive.


The Shaker  Traditional Collection is our favorite


assortment, we hope it will be yours as well. 




                               THE ITALIAN SAMPLER

A scrumptious collection for the Italophile in all of us . Three Italian wines, assorted cheeses, prosciutto, artisan sausage, pasta, and dolce from the land of great music, great food, and great wine.

A Feast for the Season and a Feast for the Senses.   Buona Festa !


 To order a Gift Assortment from Shaker Wines just call Gene at 216 283 6300 or email at

The Shaker Mediterranean Collection

Imagine enjoying a variety of culinary treats from several Mediterranean countries in the comfort of

your home.

The Shaker Mediterranean Collection offers

several wines and delicacies from Spain, France, and


Italy. Included are bottles of Paco and Lola


Alberino white wine, and Allegrini Palazzo della


Torre red wine. The basket is completed with


risotto, fresh provolone, Boursin, and Manchego


cheese, truffe mousse, Italian crispbreads and


French chocolate truffles.

It’s a great present to give, and an even better gift to bring home and enjoy.    $124.99                                          


                                          The Port Set Up

Everything you need to enjoy a glass of port... we include a

Warres Otima 10 year aged port, fresh English Stilton cheese, 2 port glasses, Granny Smith apples, and  walnuts.

To complete the collection, a bar of dark chocolate is included... Just in case you get a craving.


(The Port Set Up..a slice of tart Granny Smith apple, topped with a pinch of Stilton, and crowned with fresh walnut meats . This provides several levels of enjoyment...tart and crisp, smooth, creamy and a bit salty, concluding with the crunch from the walnuts.

 THEN a sip of port and Voila! The Transformation of the Simple into the Sublime.

The Shaker Hostess Sampler

Visiting friends and family for the holidays

and don't want to go empty handed?

Pick up a Shaker Hostess gift bag

filled with a French sparkling wine,

cheese , crackers and imported chocolates.

It saves time and you can be assured it

is of the highest quality and will be a

delight for your hostess and guests

Shaker Hostess Sampler  $59.99

hostess gift.jpg

                                             A Napa Sampler

California wines are world renowned, especially the wines

from Napa Valley. We have assembled a collection of two

very popular and highly allocated wines for the

knowledgeable collector.

We offer a bottle of Far Niente Chardonnay and a bottle of The Prisoner, both of which are highly coveted

expressions of the art of wine making.

Displayed in a festive gift box, the Taste of Napa reflects

your discerning palate and appreciation of quality.



french sampler 2.jpg


                                             A French Sampler

The variety of wines produced in France can be

overwhelming. We simplified it and selected two fine representations from three of the best

appellations in France, The Loire Valley, Burgundy and Bordeaux.*

Begin an enjoyable evening with a beautiful

  bottle of a sparkling cremant.  Follow it with a Pouilly Fuisse, a complex white wine from Burgundy. Then complement your meal with an estate bottled red Bordeaux.

A Professional wine key is also included in this assortment.

Perfect French wines for a perfect evening.


*Wine selections may vary depending on availability of vintage but

any replacement will be of equal or greater value.


The region of Tuscany is certainly one of the most popular in all of Italy, and produces dozens of different wine varieties.

We have chosen two of the best...

The heart of this Tuscan collection consists of

a Riserva Ducale Oro by Ruffino, and a crisp Vermentino by the renowned producer Piero Antinori. Uncommon wines but available to

you now through the Tuscan Classics collection.


 To place an order call Shaker Wines (216) 283 -6300 or email us at


We deliver throughout Cuyahoga County and delivery options are available

Shaker Wines Cleveland's Premier Wine Merchants since 1937

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